Chasing 126

It has been a very busy month for me. With my tight schedule and everyday 7:30 am classes to Talamban, I barely been able to wash my hair. Yikes! I blame this all to myself because I have chosen this path. Stressful, yet I’m still loving it!

Last Tuesday Feb. 18 was the film showing and awarding for USC DCS Film Festival Season 1. That day was so special for those students who really exerted so much effort for their short film project and for the people behind the successful event.

BTS shots




This photo collage was photographed by Ellene Cabajar and edited by Karen Cabingatan


During the awarding


Won for
> Best Picture for Action
> Best Makeup, Hair-styling and Costume Design

Nominated for
> Best Trailer for Audience
> Best Cinematography
> Best Actor in a Leading a Role ( Lee Cheol Woo As Bob)
> Best Film Editing

Here’s a link to our trailer:

Full movie will be posted soon.

Congratulations to Chasing Bob and to the other groups as well, for a job well done!

Then here goes Feb 19, the Techknow Quest. A sort of amazing race for Carolinian Computer Science students. No, I didn’t join the game, but I was organizing it. I thought it would be an easy task but it was not! I encountered lots of problem especially for the manpower. Good thing that Siao, Jenelle and Mike who were my co-officers was there to help me, a lot. Thank you so much :*

I also thank Karen Cabingatan and my other blockmates for this documentation.







The top 3 teams


Again, this shall I say “successful” event wouldn’t be made possible without the presence of my co-DS officers. More power to us, guys!

For my dance career, last Thursday Feb 20, I performed a dance together with my co-dancers in USC Def’ Bonqx as an opening production for the candidates of Mr. & Ms. CAS 2014. Again, we performed another dance for the Coronation Night last Friday Feb 21.

Here are the links:

This may sound OA, but we got kinda emotional after our last dance. We did a group hug and together we yelled “Def’ Bonqx!”. “At last, nakabawi nata”, my co-dancer said. I wouldn’t explain it further why. :P

Of course, I wouldn’t end this night without a picture together with my idols.


Uploaded all the photos, changed my dp, updated my status, posted our dance videos and made this blog post. Now I’m off to do my research about 2-3 tree for my 126 major class. Just getting ready for my re-take next sem ;/

Before I go back to this nerdy business, here’s a message to all the challenging life obstacles I’ve met.


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guess where?

heart-shaped bath oils

Hey mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind. 😜

berry mcflurryyy ❤️

artsy mess after making the yarn ball ✨😅

Lovely patterns I got from the thrift store. 👍😜🆒💸

I don’t always throw party, but when I do…


just kidding. I haven’t even watch that movie yet.

  1. hehe million thanks to my parents for the $.$ , to my staff for coming early HAHA, to the neighbors who unconditionally loved our noise & bass ;)  and to my college & high school friends for making my party super-duper messy fun! :***

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